General Information

AIS was formed legally and registered as a liability company in April 2007 under the name Inspection Advanced Services (Inspect AS)

Effective since December 2009, the company was renamed AIS (Advanced Inspection Services Co). In December 2010, in order to improve its quality of service and to enlarge its field of work, AIS became a partner with one of the best technical inspection company in North Africa called TIC (Technical Inspection and Control) based in Tunisia.

AIS is a third party inspection company, located in Al Jubail Industrial City Area 1 in Saudi Arabia, specially NDT provider such as Radiographic testing by using Gamma ray and X-ray machine, the dye penetrate testing, the magnetic practical testing and the ultrasonic testing including the thickness measurement and industrial inspection committed to provide the highest quality service available.

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Short Summery

AIS – Advanced Inspection Services Co. based in AL-Jubail Industrial City; Effective since 2007 and approved for more than one major client, AIS provide qualified persons with best equipment to meet requirement’s client in the best way.

Our services as Third Party Inspection Company include but are not limited to conventional and advanced Non Destructive Testing Services.

  • Conventional NDT services
  • Inspection services
  • Advanced NDT inspection
  • Training & consultancy
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The Board of Directors which functions as steering committee is built of engineers with wide technical background and rich management experience. The company’s operations, quality management as well as marketing are run by a team of qualified and experienced engineers in different disciplines.

Quality management system of AIS has been developed according to ISO9001:2008 international standard since end of 2010 which builds the base and the guidelines and governs all company procedures and operations.

The strategy of AIS top management is clear: first increase resources than diversify the scope of work of the company. That’s why in 2013, AIS intends to introduce the inspection services as the pressure vessel inspection, the lifting inspection, welding inspection, hardness testing, Vaccum testing and others. Procedures are already prepared and the department of inspection is under construction.

In the second half of 2013, AIS top management plans to introduce advanced technologies by acquiring high-tech equipment such as the Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), MFL and the guided wave.

In this way, the top management intends to create another office in Jeddah in order to cover inspection services in the western province of the kingdom.

AIS History

Previously, AIS was a small company with small resources and carrying out few projects but since 2011 the company increased its resources. Today:

The income difference between 2009 and 2012 is expected to reach 190 per cent;

The evolution of human resources (staff) between 2009 and 2012 is expected to reach 300 per cent;

The staff was very small and now we are proud to say that we are able to manage too many nationalities;

The number of Gamma Ray projectors, UT machine, yoke, cars, etc has increased;

The introduction of new services as positive material identification.

Mission & Vision


AIS – Advanced Inspection Services is a Saudi Arabian company working in NDT field since 2007. Recently made a partnership with an international inspection company in order to provide best services not only in term of NDT activities but also in term of all inspection services to the best meet of our customer requirements.

Advanced Inspection Services Co. is a Service provider for both of non destructive testing and industrial inspection commited tp providing the highest quality services available.

Our mission is to provide a complete service with honest personel who have exhibted superior understanding of the testing method a customer ; both fundamentally and phisically.


As one of many industrial inspecitons in the market, AIS company’s vision is to earn our customer’s enthusiasm through continous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our employees.

Quality objectives

Quality objectives

AIS Company has developed a quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 international standard. AIS Quality Policy is planned basing on the following strategic axis:

    •    Customer satisfaction
    • Effective implementation of the Saudization program
    • Improvement of the quality of services
    • Continual improvement of the Quality management system