Advanced NDT

Phased array

The technique is based on piezoelectric elements arranged in a specific geometry, Controlled independently and simultaneously in transmission and reception.

Phased Array control has a recovery faster and larger than surface areas of parts we want to map regardless of their geometry. This method differs radically from the old conventional ultrasonic by a higher velocity of propagation and signal phase.


The TOFD inspection is an effective method of inspection fully computerized for detection and sizing of defects with unprecedented accuracy to date.

The TOFD technique uses the signals diffraction instead of the signals reflection. The type, location, geometry and orientation of the anomalies are in most cases insignificant for the detection and sizing.


K.A.CARE certification licence

AIS provides safe transportation service under authorization issued by King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A. CARE) – National center for Radiation Protection NO () and after fulfillment of all technical and administrative requirements for radiation protection and safety of radiation sources and responsibilities.


About Us

AIS was formed legally and registered as a liability company in April 2007 under the name Inspection Advanced Services (Inspect.AS) as the new expansion of Corrosion Protection Specialist Co. Ltd (CPS) as part of the reputable Engineering Company GULF CONSULT.

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